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» HERITAGE CATTLE REGISTRY: Populations of rare cattle that would benefit from increased promotion and public awareness, as well as their pedigrees documented (we keep cost negligible to support double registration), are encouraged to form a herd book in the Homestead Cattle Association (HCA) Heritage Cattle Registry.

» HERITAGE CATTLE CERTIFICATION: HCA offers Heritage Cattle certification to provide additional recognition. A group of people are working on the HCA initiative to increase and promote rare heritage cattle that are under-represented elsewhere. Email if you would like more information.

HERITAGE CATTLE Breeder Directories... This website is a collection of North American rare breed directories. Heritage Breeds are declining in number because they are not mainstream commercial breeds of cattle. Most are excellent homestead breeds with their own niche, such as small, gentle, intelligent, dual purpose cattle with grass fed genetics. There is a separate directory for each rare breed or type of cattle that do not already have a breeder directory elsewhere. For breeds that do have a directory elsewhere (with their registry, etc.), links to those directories will be included here (but their listings not reproduced). Heritage Cattle Directories in this collection are for breeders of unique populations of rare cattle that may not be very well known or represented, or easily found elsewhere.

RARE CATTLE Breeder Directories... these are not old heritage breeds, but are rare and unusual cattle with unique genetics or relevant history in North America. Some are rare here, but not in their country of origin.

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Pinebank heritage Angus
bar-heritage-cattle.com • ANGUS HERITAGE DIRECTORY list only breeders who raise the hard to find lines of pure Heritage or Native Angus; old original Scottish bloodlines kept pure since before the 1970s frame wars, when “improved” stock (outside breed genetics) were added into the American Angus herd books. Native Aberdeen Angus heritage cattle typically range from 2 to 5 frame score. Since the Dunlouise Angus operation in Scotland trademarked preferred terms such as Native or Scottish Angus used to describe old original heritage Angus, breeders who do not pay for that privilege are forced to refer to them by other names, which may cause confusion {image credit: heritage Angus, Pinebank Angus, NZ}.

         • ARKANSAS • Bovine Engineering & Consulting • Doug Fry • Rose Bud AR • 501-279-1230 • email • Doug is the son of the late Gearld Fry, who studied the teachings of linebreeding and grass fed genetics from Dr. Jan Bonsma of South Africa since 1972.
         • ARKANSAS • Wilson Ranch • Native Aberdeen Angus cattle; Old World Black Cattle • Rob Wilson • Heber Springs AR • ranch 501-362-2714, Rob cell: 501-206-4337, Nan Cell: 501-206-4335 • no email found • Our traditional Aberdeen Angus are the pure, original Scotch bloodlines.
         • GEORGIA • Hodge Ranch & Sustainable Genetics, LLC • Bill & Di Hodge • Franklin GA • 770.605.6385 • email • Established in 2004, a beef genetics marketing company dedicated to enhancing profitability in the production segment of the industry. We believe, first and foremost, that a bovine animal was put on this earth to function as a grazing animal. A repository of old line, maternal efficiency genetics, frozen semen, including Pinebank Angus genetics, grass fed old Jersey genetics. Kinloch Farm utilizes Pinebank Angus, NZ, Wye Angus in Maryland, and the work Larry Leonhart did in Montana at Shoshone Angus.
         • GEORGIA • Oliver Angus • Spence Oliver • West Point GA • 404-803-4400 • email • Our genetics derive from Angus cattle imported in the 50’s and 60’s from Great Britain, through the Wye Angus herd in Queenstown, Maryland. Since 1986, we have sustained these genetics by using Wye blood and operating a closed herd of cattle.
         • KANSAS • Lava Acres Ranch • Native (Heritage) Angus • Kaid Bauman, Mgr • Cambria, Kansas • 785-476-8036 • email • Owned by the Lopez family immigrated from Columbia who are physicians and health care specialists in the medical industry; because of their love of farming and desire for healthy diet and sustainable lifestyle, they started a herd of Native Heritage Angus with Faith Valley Farm heifers & embryos.
         • KANSAS • Powell Angus Ranch • Kalvesta KS • no email found • Find us on Facebook.
         • MARYLAND • Wye Plantation Angus • University of Maryland, College of Agriculture, Queenstown, Maryland • 410-827-6016 • email • A historical herd: Arthur A. Houghton Jr. (1906-1990) was the great grandson of Amory Houghton who founded Corning Glass Works in 1851. Mr. Houghton owned the Wye Plantation from 1937-1979. Jim Lingle became the manager of Wye Plantation and was instrumental in forming the legendary Angus herd. Around 1940 the first Angus herd of 18 females were purchased from North Dakota and Oklahoma. 12 of those 18 cows make up today's genetic influence in the herd today. No other females were ever introduced into the herd. Mr. Lingle imported 25 bulls from the British Isles for Wye Plantation between 1941 and 1959, when the herd was closed. Due to larger British Isles genetics, the Wye herd became popular during the frame wars in the 1970s. Houghton gifted ownership of the major part of his Angus breeding herd to the University of Maryland Foundation in 1979. It holds a traditional annual sale the first Saturday in April each year. It is still a closed herd and an important source of heritage Angus genetics in North America.
         • MONTANA • Diamond D Angus • Valier MT • Mark DeBoo • 406-799-3480 • email • Jim Spinner • 406-505-0509 • email.
         • MONTANA • Saddle Butte Ranch • Harrison O'Connor • Geyser MT • 406-735-4400 • email • The Saddle Butte Ranch has become a safe harbor for an endangered species: the Native (Heritage) Aberdeen Angus. Few breeding cows of true Aberdeen Angus exist today. They are listed in the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in England. On Saddle Butte Ranch all Angus bulls are native to Scotland. It is with a feeling of privilege and anticipation that we are developing a herd to become an important source in the U.S. for this important breed that almost went extinct.
         • NEBRASKA • Bolze Ranch Angus • Ron & Becky Bolze, Sadie Bolze & Tanner Nielsen • Chadron NE • 402-321-0067 • email • Started their herd in 1979.
         • NEBRASKA • Spring Valley Ranch • Bassett, NE Ben or Sherry Andrews at 402-684-3308 or Frank at 612-747-4400 email
         • NORTH CAROLINA • Wickwire Angus • David Freeman • Bull Creek NC • Starting out learning from Jim Lingle and Jim Reid of Wye Plantation, Mr. Freeman's herd is made up entirely of Wye ancestry with no other Angus bloodlines ever used.
         • PENNSYLVANIA • Octoraro Angus • New Paris PA • Sam Wylie 814-889-9196, Sherrill Wylie 814-494-2341 • email • The breeding practices and philosophy of Octoraro Angus have found a niche and our cattle are sought as seed stock by Angus breeders throughout the United States. We breed producer-friendly cattle for farmers who want to get back to the pure, breeder-type Angus of long ago. We stay out of the mainstream and like it that way. It is this practice that enables us to keep costs low and find a strong market. The Wylies have divorced but are both very active in Heritage Angus genetics.
         • PENNSYLVANIA • Octoraro Epiphany Angus • New Paris PA • Beth Clark 814-244-9861, Chris Reichard 717-816-4816.
         • PENNSYLVANIA • Em Brook Angus • Rick & Barb Emerick, and sons Richie & wife Paula, Ryan & wife Elisabeth • Schellsburg PA • email • working with Octoraro Angus on Angus "Genetic Seed Saving."
         • TEXAS • Faith Valley Farm • Gary Daugherty • Gatesville TX • 254-205-0554 • email • Recovering and producing the ‘Old Style’ Heritage Angus by using Vintage Semen, closed herds and select sources - with no modern genetics - no outside breed influence.
         • TEXAS • O Cross Cattle facebook page • Paul Teegardin • Quitaque TX • 254-205-0554 • email
         • TEXAS • Texas Spur Lowlines & Midline Angus • David & Barbara Welch • Kerens TX • 281-460-5615 or 903-388-4860 • email • Old line Heritage Scottish Aberdeen Angus, and hot weather resistant Senepol x Square Meaters x Lowline • We are putting Native Aberdeen Heritage back in our beef cattle. Our Heritage (Scottish) Aberdeen have superior grass conversion genetics. We use genetics from Dunlouise Aberdeen Angus cattle of Angus, Scotland.
         • TEXAS • Woodstone Angus • Bill & Yvonne and son, Will Woods • New Ulm TX • 979-992-3640 • email • A long established Scotch-Irish conservatory herd that preserves, maintains, and refines the pure bloodlines of Angus Cattle which originated entirely within the British Isles. These cattle are smaller frame, easy-fleshing, calving ease, with adequate but not excessive milk production, and are competitive in the feed yard and superior in marbling, muscling, and carcass quality.
         • CANADA: BRITISH COLUMBIA • Venator Ranches Ltd. • Heritage Angus and Bison • Dr. Christoph & Erika Weder • Hudson's Hope, BC • 250-783-9999 • email Our Angus herd has been bred and selected from "Old World Grass Based Angus Genetics" and are 100% forage developed.
         • INTERNATIONAL: ARGENTINA • El Hinojo de Bru • The unique genetics 100% pure available in world for Aberdeen breed is from Dunlouise or "El Hinojo de Bru" in Argentina - and both use semen from 60's. “El Hinojo” herd is the one of few in the world that has not been modernized (influenced by outside breeds). The Aberdeen Angus traits have been kept unaltered at Cabaña El Hinojo in Coronel Suárez, Argentina, all along. Mr. Luis Jaime Bru, one of the owners of Cabaña El Hinojo, has continued to preserve the original, unhybridzed Aberdeen Angus in his herds. His herds in Argentina shows how the same animal was considered “big” in the 50’s and “small” in the 80’s. ~ from article in the “Informe Ganadero” Magazine. You must email this operation from their website.
         • INTERNATIONAL: SCOTLAND • Kingston Farm • Dunlouise heritage Native Aberdeen Angus • Geordie & Julia Soutar, son Duncan and daughter Louise • Forfar, Aberdeen, Angus, Scotland • email • Starting in 1995 the Soutars began searching and acquiring all the Native Angus they could find left pure in their country. They ended up with 9 female lines left in existence. In the 1970s (frame wars) North American Angus were commonly infused with other breeds of cattle.
         • INTERNATIONAL: NEW ZEALAND • Pinebank Angus • Heritage Angus • Willie Falloon and Waigroup Angus • Pinebank NZ • email • The Pinebank herd was founded in 1919 by the late Henry Falloon. In 1965 Gavin Falloon closed the herd. It has remained pure old Scottish and heritage New Zealand Angus cattle. See also Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand rarebreeds.co.nz/angus.html

         • Keith Murdoch's Angus Cattle Presentation - a great document on the Angus industry in Australia, by the owner of Sparta Angus stud, years of experience in breeding - worthy reading, full of sound advice. This paper was kindly sent to us at the by Keith Murdoch, after he saw Native Angus listed on the RBTA website with an estimated population of fifty females. Thank you Keith, for allowing us to use it. After reading this paper, some email discussion with Keith and investigations, I removed Native Angus from our website as the type was not rare, in my opinion. This is an excellent paper, which Keith worried would upset people but which, to his gratification and surprise, was very well met – he had great feedback. Keith’s Sparta stud had zero American genetics. (As you can see, America is well known abroad for having contaminated our once-pure English cattle breeds, and rightfully so. This is why I keep these directories here -- for preservationist breeders who know the difference, and want to keep the pure ones from going extinct in North America).

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AAA fullblood Lowline
bar-heritage-cattle.com • ANGUS: FULLBLOOD LOWLINES are heritage Angus cattle in a smaller package. Lowlines descend from old Australian heritage Angus genetics. Lowlines (re-branded in USA as “American Aberdeens” in 2017) began with pure heritage Angus cattle imported from Canada to the Trangie Research Centre of NSW, Australia in 1929. They were selected & bred for smaller frame scores over decades of research, while studying the relationship between cattle size and feed efficiency. When the research ended in 1992, the Lowlines were released to the Australian public, and began to export back to North America in 1996. Fullblood Lowlines of today have been kept pure, kept to the old type and were selected for smaller frame scores and high efficiency on grass, and are the major source of heritage Angus in North America today. They come in black and red. Lowline breeders are well represented by their registries, and I presently know of no unusual populations of Lowline to warrant a special breeder directory here. Below are links to the existing Lowline member & breeder directories kept by their registries. {image credit: AAA Aberdeen Angus semen, Steil Knockranny, UKLivestock.co.uk}

         • American Aberdeen Association (Lowline) • (AAA) Member Search
         • American Aberdeen Association (Lowline) • (AAA) Animal Search
         • Canadian Lowline Cattle Association (CLCA) • Member Directory
         • Canadian Lowline Cattle Association (CLCA) • Animal Search
         • Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA) • Member Directory

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vintage Ayrshire cow
bar-heritage-cattle.com • AYRSHIRE: HERITAGE ISLAND DIRECTORY {image credit: vintage 1925 Player's Cigarette collector cards}.

         • CONNECTICUT • New Pond Farm • Ayrshire • West Redding, CT • 203-938-2117 • email
         • MASSACHUSETTES • Shannon M. Rice-Nichols • Amherst MA • email
         • OHIO • Lake Metroparks Farmpark • Kirtland OH • 440-256-2122 • email
         • WISCONSIN • Denman Farm • Brian Denman • Richland Center WI • 608-647-7617 • email

         • Livestock Conservancy; report on the heritage Ayrshire and its history
         • US Ayrshire Breeders Association
         • Ayrshire Herd Book; Ayrshire Cattle Herd Book Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 1 Racecourse Rd., Ayr, Scotland.

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bar-heritage-cattle.com • CANADIENNE Dairy Cattle, aka Black Jerseys, Black Canadienne, French Canadienne or Quebec Jerseys, originated in the 16th century, when French settlers brought cattle over for foundation stock to settle Canada. The Canadienne is hardy, rugged, and well adapted to the Canadian climate. They are long lived and have a docile temperament. They are efficient producers of quality milk. Born red or tan, they darken to brown or black as they mature, keeping a pale muzzle and udder. Cows are generally small weighing 1000 to 1100 pounds. They excel on small acreage homesteads for milk and cheese production. {image credit: vachecanadienne.com}

         • RHODE ISLAND • Swiss Village Farm Foundation • Sarah Bowley • Newport RI • 401-848-7229 • email
         • NEW YORK • Canadienne dairy cattle • Bryant Zilke • Elma NY
         • CANADA, ALBERTA • Coyote Acres Ranch (Patric & Lorri Lyster) Halkirk, Alberta 403-884-2625 • email
         • CANADA, ONTARIO • Ferme Dagenais • Canadienne • Gilles & Irene Dagenais • Embrun ON • 613-448-3167
         • CANADA, ONTARIO • Foxfire Heritage Farm • Canadienne Dairy Cattle • Danielle Seguin • Powassan ON • 705-978-1895 • email
         • CANADA, ONTARIO • Stilman Farm • Canadienne Dairy Cattle • Boris Stilman • Angus ON • 647-830-5533 • email
         • CANADA, QUEBEC • Charette Canadienne Dairy Cattle • Denis Charette • St. Stanislas de Kostka QC • 450-371-8378
         • CANADA, QUEBEC • Duchesne Farm • Canadienne • Mario Duchesne • St-Hilarion QC • 418-457-4333 • email
         • CANADA, QUEBEC • LeBlond Canadienne Dairy Cattle • Ghishlaine LeBlond • Ayer's Cliff QC • 819-849-7887 • email

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bar-heritage-cattle.com • DEVON aka North Devon, Ruby Red Devon, Milking Devon {image credit: vintage 1925 Player's Cigarette collector cards}

         • ARKANSAS • Fourche River Farm • Devon • Greg & Lavonne Hickl • Harvey AR • 479-299-4368 • email
         • MISSOURI • Cross Creek Red Devons • Garland Pierce • Branson West MO • 417-338-5001 • email
         • NEW YORK • Dharma Lea Farm • Devon cattle • Paul & Phyllis Van Amburgh • Sharon Springs NY • email • Dharma Lea Farm produces 100% grass fed milk with a 90-cow certified organic dairy and 100% grass fed meat with a 20-cow Devon beef herd. Read the condensed version of a Cornell University article about how the Dharma Lea Farm successfully raises all calves on their mothers for 10 months, and save money doing it.
         • TEXAS • Grace Heritage Ranch • American Milking Devon • Brian & Mary Schalk • Lyford TX • email
         • WISCONSIN • Hill-View Dairy • Dutch Belted and Milking Devon • Brian Denman • Richland Center, WI • 608-647-7617 • email
         • CANADA, ONTARIO • Devonside • John Drummond & Jacinta Willems • Mitchell ON • 519-393-5590 • email
         • CANADA, PRINCE EDWARD ISLE • Rustaret Farm • Milking Devon • Rusty Bittermann • Kinkora PEI • 902-887-3719 • email

         • Red Devon USA Association Member Directory search page
         • Davy's Devon Herd Book; Devon Cattle Breeders' Society, Court House, The Square, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England.

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South Devon
bar-heritage-cattle.com • SOUTH DEVON and MINIATURE SOUTH DEVON. The South Devon heritage breed is not closely related to the Red Devon. The South Devon is typically a golden red, larger breed. There is one unique family of registered fullblood unusually small-framed South Devon, but too few to list here yet. {image credit: hoodandbroomfield.co.uk}

         • North American South Devon Association (NASDA) Member Directory search page
         • South Devon Herd Book Society, W. G. Turpitt, secretary, 16 Sherborne Rd., Newton Abbot, Devon, England

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odd marked Dexter steer
bar-heritage-cattle.com • DEXTER aka IRISH DEXTER DIRECTORY. Herds of unusual Dexter in this directory include rare brindle or white marked or spotted cattle, or, Dexters selected for higher dairy production rather than dual purpose beef type. At the end are links to large Dexter herd book member directories {image credit: vintage photo of an oddly marked Dexter steer; courtesy of Patti Adams and Barbara Netti}.

         • KANSAS • Wakarusa Ridge Ranch • Irish Kerry & Irish Dexter Cattle • Clay & Patti Adams • Overbrook KS • 785-836-3065 • email
         • KENTUCKY •
Hope Refuge Farm • Milking Dexters • Jeff & Kim Newswanger • Manchester KY • 606-598-6215 • email
         • TENNESSEE • Freedom Farms LLC • A2 & brindle Dexters • Warren & Sally Coad • Philadelphia TN • 865-213-0590 • email
         • TEXAS • Legend Rock Ranch • Barbara Netti • Spring Branch TX • 830-438-4044 • email • breeders of chondro & PHA free, small, polled, A2, red Dexters for 15 years in the Texas hill country.

         • American Dexter Cattle Association (ADCA) • member list
         • Legacy Dexter Cattle Breeders • breeder directory
         • Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America (PDCA) • member list
         • Dexter Cattle Society, Manor Farm, Stubbs Lane, Lower Kingswood, Tadworth, Surrey, England.

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Lakenvelder; Mother Earth News graphic
bar-heritage-cattle.com • DUTCH BELTED or LAKENVELDER dairy cattle existed as far back as the 1600s. Dutch Belted cattle were often owned by Dutch nobles who were reported to have also bred this unique belted pattern in their Dutch rabbits, Lavender chickens and Hampshire pigs. During the 1830s Dutch Belted cattle were imported in the United States of America where they were used as exhibition animals by showman and entertainer P.T. Barnum in his renowned traveling circus. The Dutch Belted Cattle Association of America was founded in the year 1886 {image credit: Mother Earth News}.

         • CALIFORNIA • Zimmerman Farm • Dalene Hokanson • Milford CA • 530-260-1115 • email
         • CONNECTICUT • Abbey Of Regina Laudis • Bethlehem, CT • 504-214-0090 • email • grass fed dairy herd of Dutch Belted cows
         • CONNECTICUT • Lakeview Farm • Louis & Kathy Bach • Tolland, CT • 860-872-7716 • email
         • CONNECTICUT • New Pond Farm • Dutch Belted • West Redding, CT • 203-938-2117 • email
         • ILLINOIS • Best Yet A.I.Sires • Dutch Belted • Martha Winifred & Miriam Hoffman • Earlville, IL • 815-246-9523 • email • Grass-based dairy genetics from our family farm to yours
         • ILLINOIS • Dutch-Ayr Farm • Rick & Kristine Haag • Cullom IL • 815-689-2231 • email
         • LOUISIANA • Baker 4 Farm • Joe D Baker • Jena LA • 318-992-5040 • email
         • MARYLAND • Lloyd Hake & Christoper Connolly • Fairplay MD • 202-674-1180 • email
         • MARYLAND • Stephen & Dianne Lewis • Medusa, NY • 518-239-8437 • email
         • MICHIGAN • Andew & Jamie Schneider • Westphalia MI • 989-587-6941
         • NEW HAMPSHIRE • Manning Hill Farm, LLC • Sam & Sarah Canonica • Winchester NH • 603-239-4397 • email
         • NEW YORK • Upson Farm • Cornell Upson • Cherry Valley NY • 607-264-3108
         • OHIO •
Meyer Farm • Leroy & Rose Meyer • Fort Loramie, OH • 937-295-2303 • email
         • PENNSYLVANIA • Dutch Meadows Farm • Dutch Belted • Stoltzfus family • Paradise PA • 717-442-9208 • email
         • TEXAS • David & Cathy Shepherd • Kerville TX • 830-285-1452 • email
         • TEXAS • Five Mile Farm • Marsha Stein • Snook, TX • 979-272-1323 • email
         • TEXAS • Zarosky Zoo Farms • Mary Zarosky • Floresville TX • 281-798-9398 • email
         • TEXAS • Twenty-Eight North Farm • Enrique Espinoza III • Mathis, TX • 361-851-7863 • email
         • VIRGINIA • Little Owl Natural Farm • Dutch Belted and Guernsey • Linda Uihlein • Free Union, VA • 434-973-6015 • email
         • VIRGINIA • Well Fed Farm • Aaren Nunez • Floyd VA • 540-986-5766 • email
         • WISCONSIN • Bohnview Farm • Ellen Bohn • Watertown WI • 920-253-8826 • email
         • WISCONSIN • Hill-View Dairy • Dutch Belted and Milking Devon • Brian Denman • Richland Center, WI • 608-647-7617 • email
         • WISCONSIN • Welcome Meadows • Jim Versweyveld • Delavan WI • 608-751-2215 • email

         • Dutch Belted Cattle Assocation of America (DBCAA) Breeder Directory
         • Dutch Belted Cattle breeders in Livestock Conservancy
         • Dutch Belted Cattle FB Group

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Riggit Galloway
bar-heritage-cattle.com • GALLOWAY: Some of the Rarest Heritage Galloway in North America would be Riggit or color sided (CS) cattle, which is a color pattern often selected against by White Galloway breeders (but it is genetically linked to the better-known white park marking). The Riggit pattern was banned by the American Galloway Breeders Association in 2020. North American Riggit Galloways can still be registered in the Canadian Galloway Association in the White Galloway division. Small framed and miniature fullblood Galloway cattle are very rare. Most cattle registered as "Miniature Galloway" are upgraded hybridized animals. This Directory includes breeders of the rarest colors or sizes of fullblood 100% heritage Galloways. Beneath this directory are links to mainstream Galloway registry breeder directories {image credit: reproduction of painting of a Riggit Galloway; artist: Garrard; circa 1804}.

         • COLORADO • RT Camelot Ranch • miniature Belted Galloway • Rene Gantt • Elizabeth Colorado • email • All of our Belted Galloways are registered 100% fullblood.
         • FLORIDA • Terra Bella Mini Farm • small frame Galloway, Highland & White Park • Tony & Tanya Ramos • Lithia FL • 910-778-4833 • email • We are a small family-owned farm, Farmer Veteran Coalition Member, and we raise crossbred, purebred, and some fullblood small Galloway cattle. We are located just outside of Tampa, where we coexist with the local fauna and flora.
         • IDAHO • Mini Cows West • Fullblood mini Belted Galloway, Lowlines • Gene Kantack • Idaho Falls ID • 208-523-5959 • email
         • INDIANA • B&J Cattle Co • Belted and White Galloway • Brice & Jane Jackson, Jeff & Jennifer Jackson • Greencastle IN • 765-720-0746 • email
         • INDIANA • Redwing Farm • fullblood miniature White, Riggit and Solid Galloway • Karen Hymbaugh • Westfield IN
         • MISSOURI • Idaho Galloway Cattle • fullblood & crossbred, midsize & miniature, solid and white Galloway • Heather Cartwright • West Plains MO • email • formerly Emmett ID; find us on fb.me/idahogallowaycattle
         • NEW YORK • Dog Day Acres Land & Cattle Co • miniature Belted Galloway • Joe & Robin Greubel • Lucas IA • We raise miniature & small framed grassfed cattle, including registered Belted Galloway. Several of our calves are incredibly small and classify as miniature.
         • NEW YORK • Blue Fire Farm • small Belted Galloway • Phil & Jenny Stroh • Farmersville Station NY • 585-689-0754 • email • Our family raises heritage cattle breeds that excel on native pasture.
         • OHIO • Reds Sunset Farm • Lauren Isaacs • Dayton OH • 937-681-9261 • email • Our new herd (one overmarked white, one red) Galloway cows are registered with the AGBA. They are from Karen Hymbaugh's herd, sired by Pilgrim.
         • OREGONWhiskey Creek Miniatures • small Belted Galloway • Bernard and Theresa Perkins (WCM) • Springfield OR • 541-933-2259 • email
         • SOUTH CAROLINA • Crowing Cow Farm • small frame White Galloway • Allene Wiley • Simpsonville SC • 843-834-1832 • email • some are overmarked almost riggits
         • UTAH • Cascade Belted Galloways (dispersed?) • Roosevelt UT • Kirk Fackrell & Kris Gunn • All our Galloway cattle are fullblood, and mid-sized between 42-48" tall.
         • UTAH • M&J Assets • fullblood miniature Belted Galloway • Michael & Jacque Hurley • Roosevelt UT • 435-823-7079 • email • We bought Kris Gunn's herd; our cows are purebred and run between 45-48" at maturity. Find us on FB.
         • VERMONT • Ministock Farm • registered Miniature Belted Galloways • Jody Richards & Larry Davignon • Randolph VT • 802.728.4283 • email • We raise miniature registered Belted Galloways. We have embraced the heritage lines of the original belted Galloway breed and over time bred them down to a more sustainable size for small farms.
         • VERMONT • Meadow View Farm • fullblood small frame Belted Galloways • Lyndonville VT • 802-626-3104 • email • find us on Facebook.
         • VIRGINIA • Idlehour Farm • Miniature Galloway cattle • Scott & Heather Fox • Mount Sidney VA • 540-470-8694 • email • Located in central Shenandoah Valley. Our mini Galloways are not just small crossbred cattle like most minis, which are a conglomeration of several breeds intermixed to develop smaller animals. Our minis are pure Galloway, developed over two decades of selective breeding. We started breeding for size from 100% pureblood heritage standard size Galloways 25+ years ago and have kept the lines pure from the beginning. Our herd's original listing was for Misty Meadow Farm in Virginia, with Rob Clements, Weyers Cave VA as the owner. I am his daughter.
         • VIRGINIA • DeerBorn Farm • Rebecca Duffield / Ogborne • North Garden (Charlottesville) VA • 856-264-7894 • emailDeerborn Farm Facebook page.
         • WISCONSIN • Home Oasis Farm • registered Belted Galloways • Dora • Chippewa Falls WI • 715-828-3856 • email • Our herd is all 100% belted Galloway, registered with the Belted Galloway Society, Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC). Due to our smaller acreage, we raise small frame, homestead size cattle; we purposely select on the smaller side; most are frame scores 1 - 0.
         • WYOMING • Mountain High Mini Cows • fullblood miniature Belted Galloway, Scottish Highland • Michael or Stacey • Evanston WY • 307-789-2469 • We are a small ranch that raises fullblood midsize and miniature Belted Galloway and Scottish Highland cattle. Our cattle are registered with the American Highland Cattle Association and U.S. Belted Galloway Society.

         • Belted Galloway Society • Beltie breeder directory
         • Belted Galloway Society • Beltie breeder websites
         • American Galloway Breeders Association • breeder directory
         • Canadian Galloway Association • member search
         • United Kingdom Riggit Galloway Cattle Society
         • Belted Galloway Cattle Society, Galloway Estate Office, Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire, Scotland.
         • Galloway Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Roughhills, Dalbeattie, Scotland.
         • Australian Miniature Galloway Cattle, Australia
         • Australia miniature fullblood Galloway semen list (some cleared for export)

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mini Guernsey
bar-heritage-cattle.com • GUERNSEY: Most registered Guernsey cattle today in North America are not heritage (not fullblood); most have been “improved” with Holsteins or Jerseys to better compete in the commercial dairy market. In this directory, we list breeders of old pure heritage island Guernsey cattle, with no known outside genetics in their pedigrees. These cattle typically produce milk on grass, are hardy in most climates, and are known for their milk and butter that has a higher vitamin K, giving it a distinct darker golden color than other breeds.
        History of Heritage Channel Island dairy cattle breeds: In the 1800's the Jersey cow, the Alderney Cow, and the Guernsey cow were all names for the same cows that came from the Channel Islands. Some time after the Jersey herd book was created on the Jersey Isle, they stopped allowing Guernsey Island cattle into Jersey and vise versa. Here is a free book to read online concerning these original Channel Island heritage dairy breeds: This has pictures showing how similar coat patterns were for the channel island cows. Of course, since that division, generational breeding has created the more distinct heritage breeds of Jersey and Guernsey, but at one time they were all simply called channel island milk cows. The_Jersey,_Alderney_and_Guernsey_Cow. {image credit: vintage Guernsey, vintageposterworks.com}

        • LOUISIANA • Cajun Milk Cows • purebred Miniature Guernseys • Tom & Theresa Taylor • Maurice LA • 337-400-2279 • email • We started breeding miniature Guernseys in 2010. These cattle are pure Guernsey, and selected over time for smaller stature. It is still a breed in progress. Cajun Milk Cows has miniature Guernseys that are between 40"and 44". The smallest calf we've had born is 23". We register our mini Guernseys through the American Guernsey Association to test for Guernsey purity and to DNA verify parentage. We use small, registered Guernsey bulls for purity.
        • MASSACHUSETTES • Bristol Co Agri H.S. Ani Sci Dept • Ms. Blanchette • Dighton MA • 508-669-6744 x129 • email
        • NEW HAMPSHIRE • Stone Hedge Farm • Peggy Delong • Tamworth NH • 603-323-8335 • email
        • VERMONT • Gopher Broke Farm • Jane L. Waterman • Hyde Park VT • 802-888-9280 • email
        • VIRGINIA • Little Owl Natural Farm • Dutch Belted and Guernsey • Linda Uihlein • Free Union, VA • 434-973-6015 • email
        • CANADA: BRITISH COLUMBIA • Ashton Oasis Farm • Herman Drescher • Enderby BC • 250-838-2655 • email
        • CANADA: MANITOBA • Brambles Farm • Heritage Guernsey • Rebecca Lange • Roblin MB • 204-937-8349 • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Brady Farm • Jeff & Roberta Brady • Yarker ON • 613-358-1260 • email
        • CANADA: SASKATCHEWAN • Catherwood Livestock • Les & Betty Hamm • Perdue SK • 306-237-9286 • email
        • INTERNATIONAL: GUERNSEY ISLANDFuture Guernsey Dairy Project

        • Miniature Guernsey Enthusiasts private Facebook group: “... for those interested in breeding small statured Guernsey cows. Also discussing smaller statured registered Guernsey bulls and participating in the genetic recovery program are goals within this group.”
        • The World Guernsey Cattle Federation, The Hollyhocks 10, Clos des Goddards Rue des Goddards Castel GY5 7JD Castel, Guernsey, Channel Islands; Contact person: Courtney Walker
        • Royal Guernsey Agricultural & Horticultural Society, States Arcade Balcony, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Isles.
        • Protecting a rare breed: the Guernsey cow (8:33)
        • Alderney; Herd Book of the Bailiwick of Guernsey (Alderney Branch); Royal Alderney Agricultural Society (The Alderney Branch of the Royal Guernsey A. and H. Society), P.D. Sumner, secretary, The Bungalow, Butes, Alderney, Channel Isles.

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vintage Hereford - freevintageimages.co.uk
bar-heritage-cattle.com • HEREFORD: Heritage Breeders Directory. Pedigree Traditional Hereford cattle, also called Heritage, Traditional or Original Population (OP) Herefords trace back to herd books started in the United Kingdom in 1846. Hereford herds in North America were pure until “breed improvement” during the 1970s frame wars brought in outside breed genetics to quickly increase frame scores and add pigment. This Directory gathers only breeders who select Hereford cattle of old bloodlines preserved from the 1960s and before. {image credit: freevintageimages.co.uk}
        More History: Breeders in Herefordshire, England, began the Hereford Herd Book in 1846. In the 1870s-1880s almost 4000 head were imported to the Americas. Pure Hereford breeding began here in 1881, when Gudgell and Simpson of Independene Missour imported the bull Anxiety 4th from England. Many heritage Herefords today trace back to that bull. In 1898 Robert Hazlett of Hazford Place, El Dorado Kansas bought an Anxiety 4th bred bull from Gudgell and Simpson. He in turn became known for his bull lines, Beau Brummel and Lamplighter. Most of the Hazlett herd was purchased in 1936 by Harper and Turner of Sulphur, Oklahoma, who developed the Rupert, Tone, Beau and Bocaldo Hereford lines. In 1948 the bull TR Zato Heir was purchased from the Patterson Ranch in Bismark ND, and was added into those genetics.
        Line 1 Horned Hereford Cattle history: Line Ones originated on the Fort Keogh Research Station in Miles City, Montana. For many years the herdsman at the Research station was Ray Woodard. He convinced his 2 brother-in-laws Les Holden and Jack Cooper that they should use these cattle in their herds in the late 40's. Jack Cooper and Les Holden were half brothers with the same mom but different fathers. They used Miles City cattle and the "rest is history". When you hear 'Line One' the person is likely referring to cattle with a heavy amount of Cooper and Holden breeding in them. On pedigrees you can see these as "CL 1 Domino_" the breeding of Cooper Hereford Ranch now run by Mark Cooper and "HH Advance" cattkel is the breeding of Holden Herefords ran by Jack Holden. While Cooper and Holden are known for their predominantly Line 1 herds, their herds are not straight station bred. There are a couple of lesser known herds that do maintain straight station bred Line 1s and to them being purist is very important. Their commitment to the integrity of straight station Line 1s is great in case something ever happens to the government funded station program. The Line 1 herds are some of the few that offer truly predictable results.

        • ARKANSAS • Fourche River Farm • “old style” Hereford cattle • Greg & Lavonne Hickl • Harvey AR • 479-299-4368 • email
        • KANSAS • Deewall Family Herefords • Mike and Jane Nash Deewall Coldwater KS • 620-635-5978 • email • Over 105 Years of Nash / Deewall line bred Hereford Cattle (Advance Domino & President Mischief) since 1914. Our Horned and Polled Hereford cattle are easy keepers and they do it on grass.
        • NORTH DAKOTA •
Pollestad Herefords (since 1927) • Steven Pollestad • Taylor ND • 701-974-3970 • email
        • OKLAHOMA • Day Herefords • Richard & Sheila Day • Roff OK • 580-456-7567 • email
        • OKLAHOMA • Lent Anxiety Horned Herefords • Jim Lent • Indiahoma OK • 580-246-3560 • email • old English foundation line Anxiety 4th linebred Horned Herefords that go back to the 1800s, all Jim's cattle are frame score 2, structurally sound, with great feet. Anxiety cows are known for grazing rugged country, fighting off predators, and always bringing a calf to wean. Outcrossing with other breeds or even other pure lines of Herefords, offers great heterozygosity.
        • TEXAS • Faith Valley Farm • Gary & Nancy Daugherty • Gatesville TX • 254-205-0554 • email • Producing traditional bloodlines and old style Angus and Herefords by using vintage semen, closed herds and select sources - no modern genetics - no outside breed influence. Mr. Daugherty worked on a Classic (Traditional) Hereford Restoration breeding herd project together w/ the former Haley Hollow Farms of Tennessee.
        • INTERNATIONAL: Australia • Cotmore Downs • Peter Hall • New South Wales • Mr. Hall's great, great grandfather established Cotmore Herefords in the UK, circa 1780. The United Kingdom once boasted at least 80 Hereford cow families with that number dwindling to 20 today. In Australia, Peter Hall's re-emerging lines of old Hereford genetics include the Cotmore bull line, and the Lovely, Gaudy, Pansy, Gypsy, and Mayflower cow lines, which can serve as a valuable source for future genetic diversity.
         • INTERNATIONAL: United Kingdom • Traditional Hereford Breeders Club (THBC) was formed in 1996 by Hereford cattle breeders in the UK who wished to maintain the native or Original Population (OP) of Herefords, which are pure Hereford cattle born and raised in the United Kingdom, and whose ancestry is traceable to the original 1846 Herd Book. Read about the heritage breed's history here. Traditional Hereford cattle are recognized as a Category 5 rare breed by the Rare Breed Survival Trust (who believe there are only around 1100 females in the world). They are descended exclusively from the original population of English Hereford cattle with no outside breed bloodlines, unlike commercial Herefords. They are the ultimate foragers, capable of producing exceptional beef entirely on grass. They are noted for their ease of calving and very docile temperaments.

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Hereford - source: droversjournal.com
bar-heritage-cattle.com • HEREFORD, MINIATURE: The fullblood smaller frame score lines of Herefords are actually heritage cattle. Their pedigrees trace back to before the “frame wars” of the 1970's when outside genetics were introduced for quick breed “improvement” to stay competitive with the beef market in North America. Fullblood miniature Herefords "began" at the Point of Rocks Ranch owned by the Largent family of Texas. They along with other breeders, deliberately chose not to follow the fad, and bred pure Hereford cattle with the old efficient types & bloodlines, smaller frame scores, and increased efficiency per acre of grass. Fullblood Miniature Herefords are the major source of traditional Hereford genetics in North America today. {image credit: drovers-journal-com}

        • FLORIDA • Paradise Ranch Mini Herefords • Oliver Ray • Fort Myers FL • 239-825-0015 • email • Our goal is to breed quality, very small registered Mini-Herefords (4- 5-aught frame scores) that continue to have correct breed conformation.
        • TEXAS • Crazy Sisters Cattle Company • Heath White • Waskom TX • 903-926-7148 • email • Specializing in smaller framed registered fullblood show quality Miniature Herefords.
        • TEXAS • Falster Farm Mini Cattle Ranch • Mini Herefords • Karl & Nancy Falster • Winnsboro TX • 903-629-3034 • email • Very small, high quality breeding stock and semen.
        • TEXAS • Mauldin Mini Herefords • Jack & Anita Mauldin • Ector TX • email • breeding and show stock focused on classic size beef cattle - the size of original heritage cattle

         • Miniature Hereford Breeders Association (MHBA) member list
         • American Hereford Association (all frame scores) • (AHA) Animal Search

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brindle AI bull ~ TBR Gandolf
bar-heritage-cattle.com (Scottish) HIGHLAND Breeder Directory: Only fullblood 100% Scottish Highland cattle are eligible for listing in this directory, and here the focus is on unusual colors, markings or sizes. Many fullblood Scottish Highland cattle are small framed, but not many are miniature sized. Confusingly, many Highland-type little cattle are registered each year in miniature registries labeled as "foundation pure". Those with fancy double dilutes or markings can fetch high prices sold to buyers who are swept up in the fad. Under the breeder listings are links to Highland herd book directories kept by AHCA, HHCA & Canadian Highland registries. {image credit: Highland semen sales for TBR Gandolf}

        • CALIFORNIA • Outlander Highlands • Miniature & Midsize Scottish Highland cattle • Elisa Peskin • Alpine, CA • 619 933 9092 • email
        • CALIFORNIA • Raintree Heritage Highlands • Miniature & Midsize Scottish Highland cattle • Adam Simms • Goleta CA • 805-886-0798 • email • 17 producing mamas and the latest crop of calves were all sired by a son of our foundation bull Brig Waylon. Our small cattle are selected for excellent temperament, excellent udders & feet, fertility, calving ease and mothering ability, and small frames, with excellent grass fed and rough pasture foraging ability.
        • MICHIGAN • Mulberry Meadow Miniatures • Miniature Scottish Highland cattle • Greg & Christy Thacker • Elwell MI • email
        • MISSOURI • David Embury • 417-855-0415 or 417-469-2411 • Willow Springs MO • In 2019 David had a 2017 yellow FS00 fullblood Scottish Highland heifer for sale; he owned both parents; her small framed white dam was RLE Little Nell Pride #55470 and her silver sire was RW Anchorage #52797.
        • NEBRASKA • Rock-A-Billy Ranch • pure Miniature Highlands • Jerry & Victoria Green • Garland NE • email • breeding quality Miniature Highlands for fiber and pets. Registered and unregistered livestock. Our fullblood miniature Highlands are registered with the Heartland Highland Cattle Association.
        • NORTH CAROLINA • Big Ridge Farm • Scottish Highland Cattle • Raleigh NC • email • We often get questions about miniature highlands - this is a term that is sometimes used to deceive buyers and "miniature" is not recognized by the Scottish Highland herd book breed standard. That being said, our registered bull's lineage grows out petite, well developed cattle, that are efficient and easy on pasture."
        • OKLAHOMA • Rockin Ridgway Ranch • Sean & Katie Ridgway • Sand Springs OK • 918-521-1688 • We raise fullblood (100%) miniature Scottish Highland cattle. Find us on Facebook.
        • OREGON • Croaker Crossing Farm • Jenna Johnson • Beaverton OR • 971-770-0696 • email • Jenna has some fullblood 100% pure miniature and small frame Highland cattle. She also breeds a lot of crossbreds, so make sure you clarify what you are asking about.
        • TENNESSEE • Ruddy Byre Highlands • standard & miniature heritage Scottish Highlands • Philip & Yvonnda Agent • Rockvale TN • 931-446-9723 • email
        • TENNESSEE • Whats 1 More Farm • small frame Scottish Highland cattle • Christina Coppolino • Elizabethton TN • 321-432-7833 • email • Find us on FB @WhatsOneMoreFarm; a lot of crossbreds, but a few fullblood miniatures.
        • TEXAS • Douget Fold • Miniature Highlands • Erin Doguet • Jourdanton TX • email
        • TEXAS • Galloping Winds Ranch • real miniature Scottish Highland cattle • Rob & Teresa Barr-Jones • Florence, TX• email • We raise registered 100% fullblood Highland cattle, selected over 5 generations for small frames; most of our cattle are FS-0 to FS-0000.
        • WEST VIRGINIA • Cabin Creek Mini Farm • miniature Highland • Perry & Shelley Gains • Buckhannon WV • 304-669-7950
        • WISCONSIN • Ravenwood Minis • 100% pure miniature Scottish Highland cattle • Mike & Kathy Kruk • email • Jefferson WI • We select and breed smaller Scottish Highlands that we believe are closer to their ancestral size.
        • WYOMING • Mountain High Mini Cows • fullblood miniature Scottish Highland • Evanston WY • 307-789-2469 • We are a small ranch that raises fullblood midsize and miniature Belted Galloway and Scottish Highland cattle. Our Highland cattle are registered with the American Highland Cattle Association.

        • American Highland Cattle Association member directory
        • Heartland Highland Cattle Association member directory
        • Canadian Highland Cattle Society member directory

        • Heritage Cattle Registry | Homestead Cattle Association, certifies already-registered, & registers (when needed) any fullblood 100% miniature Scottish Highland Cattle, and educates new owners in the Miniature Cattle industry about the difference between the heritage and the more popular crossbred and graded up miniature cattle.

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Jersey cow; print, hoodandbroomfield.co.uk
bar-heritage-cattle.com • JERSEY directory of cattle with pure bloodlines and pedigrees that trace back to Jersey Island heritage cattle, with no known outside genetics... It is not clear if the breeders included in this directory raise actual 100% heritage Jersey, but they do concentrate on proven grass fed genetics. {image credit: hoodandbroomfield.co.uk}

        • ARKANSAS • Wilson Ranch • Rob Wilson • Heber Springs, Arkansas • Phone: 501-362-2714 Ranch • Rob Cell: 501-206-4337 • Nan Cell: 501-206-4335 • NO email found • Our old New Zealand bloodline A2/A2 Jersey cattle are easy calving, good milkers with excellent udders and teat placement with good grass genetics. We also raise traditional Aberdeen Angus, the pure, original Scotch bloodlines.
        • CONNECTICUT • New Pond Farm • Jersey • West Redding, CT • 203-938-2117 • email
        • GEORGIA • Sustainable Genetics • Bill Hodge • Franklin, Georgia • 770.605.6385 • email • Frozen Semen. A repository of old line, maternal efficiency genetics including heritage New Zealand Pinebank Angus genetics and grass fed old Jersey genetics.
        • LOUISIANA • Cajun Milk Cows • fullblood & purebred Miniature Jerseys • Tom & Theresa Taylor • Maurice LA • 337-400-2279 • email • Cajun Milk Cows is a family farm in south Louisiana, breeding miniature Jerseys and miniature Guernseys since 1998. We breed family milk cows that are miniature, 38"-42" in height, so that small acreage homestead families can enjoy fresh milk. We have painted, polled, and A2 genetics in our herd. We have a few fullblood 100% Jersey cattle that qualify as miniature. Our herd is tested yearly for diseases and is free from Bovine Leukosis Virus (BLV), BVD, Brucellosis, Campylobacter, Coxiella Burnetii (Q Fever), IBR, Johnes, Leptospirosis, Neopsora, and TB. We drink our milk raw and only sell disease free mini milkers.

        • Island Jersey preservation news in UK
        • World Jersey Cattle Bureau
        • Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society-Royal Jersey, Showground Milk Records La Route de la Trinite JE3 5JP Trinity, Jersey, Channel Islands.
        • Jersey Cattle Society of the United Kingdom, Edward Ashby, secretary, 19 Bloomsbury Sq., London, W.C.1, England.
        • A Genetic Investigation of Island Jersey Cattle, the Foundation of the Jersey Breed: Comparing Population Structure and Selection to Guernsey, Holstein, and United States Jersey Cattle, Front. Genet., 17 April 2020; Sec. Livestock Genomics Volume 11 - 2020 | https://doi.org/10.3389/fgene.2020.00366.

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Irish Kerry vintage print
bar-heritage-cattle.com • IRISH KERRY dairy cattle {image credit: vintage photo of Kerry cow}

        • IDAHO • Rocky Farms • Naomi Dittmann • PO Box 1298 Bonners Ferry, ID
        • IOWA • Beechy Kerry Cattle Farm • Elmer Beechy • Bloomfield IA • 641-208-1252
        • KANSAS• Thooft Irish Kerry Cattle • Janet & Len Thooft • Paxico KS
        • KANSAS • Wakarusa Ridge Ranch • Clay & Patti Adams • Overbrook KS • 785-836-3065 • email
        • KENTUCKY • Hershberger Farm • Henry Hershberger • 895 Amish Rd • Sonora, KY
        • MAINE • O'Meara Family Farm • John O'Meara• New Sweden ME • email
        • MASSACHUSETTES • Buck Hill Farm (& AKCA) • Jody Jess • Westminster MA • 978-874-2734 • email
        • MASSACHUSETTES • Kerry Lea Farm • Lawrence Bruffee • Shelburne Falls MA • 413-625-9595 • email
        • MASSACHUSETTES • Shingle Brook Farm • Beth Manning • Shelburne MA • email
        • NEW YORK • Reilly Kerry Farm • Robert Reilly • Latham NY • 518-783-1223 • email
        • VIRGINIA • Hickory Haze Farm • Scott Fisher • Catlett VA • email
        • PENNSYLVANIA • BCBC Farm • Brenda Picard • Frenchville PA • email
        • CANADA: ALBERTA • Cathryns Kerrys • Sam & Myrla Johnson • Black Diamond AB • 403-818-2017 • email
        • CANADA: BRITISH COLUMBIA • Alderbrook Grange • Amber Rowse-Robinson • Sooke BC • 250-532-5869 • email
        • CANADA: BRITISH COLUMBIA • Tatlayoko Fold • Eliza Mitchell • Tatlayoko BC • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Whole Village Farm • Milton Wallace • Caledon ON • 519-942-1826 • email
        • CANADA: PRINCE EDWARD ISLE • Rustaret Farm • Rusty Bittermann & Margaret McCallum • Kinkora PEI • 902-887-3719 • email
        • CANADA: QUEBEC • Quinn Farm • Elwood Quinn• L'Île-Perrot QC • 514-941-1510 • email
        • CANADA: SASKATCHEWAN • SK Ranch • Dwayne Pole • Shaunavon SK • 306-295-3366 • email
        • CANADA: SASKATCHEWAN • Spring Valley Ranch • Jim Saville • Ravenscrag SK • 306-295-4124 • email

        • American Kerry Cattle Association (AKCA) ~ Breeder List
        • British Kerry Cattle Society, R. O. Hubl, secretary, The Milestone, Stanmore Hill, Stanmore, Middlesex, England.
        • Kerry Cattle Herd Book, Royal Dublin Society, Horace H. Poole, registrar, Ball's Bridge, Dublin, Ireland.

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Lineback ~ photo credit: Jeannette Beranger
bar-heritage-cattle.com • LINEBACK HERITAGE BREEDS: This directory includes breeders of Randall or Randall Lineback cattle, Lynch Linebacks, English Longhorns {image credits: Randall Lineback by Jeannette Beranger ~ English Longhorn; Brittanic Rare Breeds}

        • CONNECTICUT • Howland Homestead Farm • Randall Cattle • Phil & Dianne Lang • South Kent CT • email • We raise rare heritage Randall cattle. We sometimes have Randall cattle breeding stock available for sale. In 2001, along with Cynthia Creech, we formed a breed registry.English Longhorn
        • CONNECTICUT • Stamford Museum • Randall Lineback and Native Shorthorn cattle • Victoria Jaffery • Stamford CT • 203-977-6529 or 203-987-7074 • email • A wildlife and heritage livestock living museum with public access
        • MASSACHUSETTES • West Wind Farm • Randall Lineback Cattle • Michael Doyle • Brimfield MA • 508-434-1200 • email
        • NEW YORK • Little Seed Gardens • Randall Linebacks • Willy Denner & Claudia Kenny • Chatham NY • 518-392-0063 • email • organic family farm and CSA
        • VERMONT • Brent Newell • Randall Lineback Cattle • West Wardsboro VT • 802-896-6264 • email
        • VIRGINIA • Bayshore Farm • English Longhorns • Shenandoah Valley VA • 540-335-9137 • email
        • VIRGINIA • Chapel Hill Farm • Randall Lineback Cattle • Joe Henderson • Berryville VA • 540-773-2688 • email
        • VIRGINIA • Sunnyfield Farm • Randall cattle • Tom & Jo Mariannino • Chase City VA • 434-372-4397 • email
        • WASHINGTON • Marchmont Farm • Randall Lineback Cattle • Garrett & Sophia Williams • Friday Harbor WA • 541-425-0469, 541-219-2161 • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Lynch Cattle • Lynch Lineback & Randall Cattle • Robert Lynch • Mallorytown ON • 613-659-2881
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Foxfire Heritage Farm • Lynch Lineback Cattle, Canadienne Dairy Cattle • Danielle Seguin • Powassan ON • 705-978-1895 • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Fine Line Farm • Lynch Lineback Cattle • Glenn McCaig • Brockville ON • 613 802 1696, 613 246 0268 • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Homestead Linebacks • Lynch Lineback Cattle • Leigh Manierka • Westport ON • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • McCaig Linebacks • Lynch Lineback Cattle • Glenn McCaig • Brockville ON • 613-802-1696
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Old 99 Farm • Lynch Lineback Cattle • Ian Graham • Dundas ON • 905 627 1917 • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Perrys Corner Farm • Lynch Lineback Cattle • Megan Thomas • Bright ON • 519-897-2605 • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Rock N Horse Farm • Lynch Lineback Cattle • Arlee & Diane Sheets • Almonte ON • 613-256-6117 • email

        • Randall Cattle Registry. We are seeking new breeders who will appreciate Randall cattle as they are, and not seek to change them; feeding a forage diet, and putting them to work on the farm or homestead producing milk, meat, and draft power. If you would like to be a part of the Randall cattle conservation effort, can manage the details of maintaining pure breeding, and understand the management needs of a forage efficient, genetically unique breed of cattle, please contact us.

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Red Poll
bar-heritage-cattle.com • HERITAGE RED POLL BREEDER DIRECTORY: The Red Poll breed originated as a dual purpose breed in England in the early 1800s by crossing the Norfolk beef and the Suffolk polled dairy cattle breeds. The Norfolk, now an extinct breed, was known for the high quality of its beef. The Suffolk, technically extinct, but being regenerated, was a polled dairy breed. {photo credit: Stevie Wonder, Red Poll bull owned by Jovid Cattle Co., cattletoday.com}

        • CANADA: BRITISH COLUMBIA • Elste Farm • Thilo & Andrea Elste • Vanderhoof BC • email
        • CANADA: MANITOBA • Circle H Farms • Kristelle Harper • Brandon MB • 204-740-0376 • email
        • CANADA: NOVA SCOTIA • Veenholst Farm • Martin & Patricia Veenholst • Westville Pictou County NS • 902-396-3703 • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Elste Farm • Thilo & Andrea Elste • Elora ON • 519-843-3481 • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Harris Farm • Mary-Jean Harris • Chesley ON • 519 379 2036
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Schill Red Poll Cattle • Wendy Schill • Wallenstein ON • 519-638-3207

        • American Red Poll Association breeder search page. American Red Poll Association MISSION: "To reach out to breeders and consumers to provide information about grass finish genetics, management and marketing"
        • Red Poll Cattle Society of UK still being bred as the original dual purpose type breed. The Red Poll world is made up of members from every walk of life and has links throughout the world. There are members of Red Poll organisations in Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa, United States of America as well as those in the "mother country" of the UK and all will say that it is truly a family of like-minded people who enjoy nothing better than to get together and talk about Red Polls.

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Cruikshank Golden Thistle, Heritage Shorthorn Society
bar-heritage-cattle.com • HERITAGE SHORTHORN DIRECTORY: Heritage Shorthorns are exactly the same as Native Shorthorns. HSS was formed on January 1, 2018 to stimulate the preservation, production, and promotion of Heritage (Native) Shorthorns. When the American Milking Shorthorn Society started their “Native” Shorthorn registration program in 1988 nothing previously existed to separate pure full blood 100% Shorthorns (all ancestors tracing to the original 1822 Coates Herd Book) from other less pure Shorthorns that trace back to the Coates herd book of 1822 with pure bloodlines from England and Scotland are as rare as old pure lines of Angus and Herefords. The frame wars of the 1970s just about decimated all the pure Shorthorns in North America. And in the UK by the early 1970s, beef Shorthorn breeders were concerned their cattle were too small and lacked muscle, especially when compared with the famous beef breeds that were starting to be introduced there in the UK. To over come this issue, the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society sanctioned the introduction of Maine-Anjou blood into the breed in 1976. But a few dedicated preservation breeders have saved what is left of pure Shorthorn cattle on both sides of the ocean. There is a large size range in the Heritage Shorthon breed. The rarest Heritage Shorthorns would include the smallest frame cattle. We have been searching for any fullblood heritage Shorthorns in miniature frame scores, and as of yet, have not found any. There are some lines of high-heritage-influenced Shorthorns (ASA100 cattle) found in miniature size listed in our Heirloom Durham Shorthorn Directory, for those seeking a small verion for the homestead. {image credit: Cruikshank Golden Thistle, Heritage Shorthorn Society}

        • CALIFORNIA • Iron Wire Ranch • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Katie & Shaun White • Janesville CA •  530-251-3237 • email
        • CALIFORNIA • Spring Coyote Ranch • Marshall, CA • 415-663-8354 • email
        • CONNECTICUT • Airline Farm • Beef Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Rebecca & Frank McLean III • Cobalt CT • 860-550-4205 • email • Grassfed beef, cow calf, Heritage cattle, Native Shorthorn semen
        • FLORIDA • Foxfire Farm • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Zane W. Sunday • DeFuniak Springs FL • 850-859-2543 • email
        • GEORGIA • Austin Heritage Shorthorns • G. Dallas Austin • Lewisville GA • 678-485-2879 • email
        • IDAHO • Idalee Farm • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Martin & Susan Lee • Jerome ID • 208-539-4104 • email
        • IDAHO • Open A Heart Ranch • Registered AMSS Heritage Native Shorthorn • Boise ID • 208-830-7982 • Genetically superior dual purpose cattle; DNA tested, milk protein A2A2.
        • IDAHO • Richmond Park Farm • Heritage Native Shorthorns • John Phillis & Mary Combs • Saint Maries ID • 208-689-3167 • email
        • ILLINOIS • Meriville Farm • Hoffmans Best Yet A.I. Sires • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Earlville IL • 815-246-9523 • Milking Shorthorns, dual purpose / family cows, grassfed, Heritage / Native Shorthorn semen
        • ILLINOIS • Willow Branch Shorthorn Farm • Native (Heritage) Shorthorns • Roger Lakamp • Jacksonville IL • 217-204-2894 • email
        • INDIANA • Daisy Hill Farm • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Joshua Keesling • Greenfield IN • 336-301-3532 • email • Beef, dual purpose / family cows
        • INDIANA • Endurance Shorthorns • Grand Oaks Farm • Crawfordsville IN • 317-412-3360
        • INDIANA • XL Shorthorns • Native/ Heritage Shorthorns • Alan Leap • Flat Rock IN • 765-525-7152 • email
        • IOWA • Diamond W Enterprises • Native (Heritage) Beef Shorthorn • Sterling Weeda • Holstein IA • 515-460-1066 • email
        • IOWA • How-Mar Milking Shorthorns • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Marc Howe • Unionville IA • 641-799-2630 • email
        • IOWA • Mapleton Polled Shorthorns • Native Heritage Shorthorns • Bert Moore • Indianola IA • 701-541-5035 • email • Quietly preserving the Shorthorn Breed in the hills of southwest Iowa.
        • IOWA • Studer Shorthorns • Dale & Anita Studer • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Creston IA • 641-344-8035 email • Quietly preserving the Shorthorn Breed in the hills of southwest Iowa.
        • MARYLAND • Delldale Farm • Native dual purpose cattle • David W. Dell • 600 Johnsville Rd. • Keymar MD • text 443-398-4287 • email • Your eastern source for native genetics.
        • MASSACHUSSETTES • Shinglebrook Farm • Native Shorthorn • Beth Manning • Shelburne MA • 413-625-9967 • email • Heritage Shorthorns, semen for sale.
        • MICHIGAN • RedHawk Highlands • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Dale & Catherine Muter • Cass City MI • 989-872-5383 • email • We produce beef, Dual Purpose family cows, Grassfed.
        • MINNESOTA • DMH Cattle Company • Dennis & Mary Hoffrogge • Sleepy Eye, MN • 507-227-5745 • email • standard and small frame heritage / native Shorthorn and Lincoln Red cattle and semen.
        • MINNESOTA • Hidden Hill Farm Shorthorns (HHFS) • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Roy & Diane Lovaas • Isle MN • 763-772-5180 email
        • MINNESOTA • The Landing • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Richard Williams • Shakopee MN • 763-694-7786 • email
        • MISSOURI • Misty Overlook Ranch • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • David & Diane Robertson • Crocker MO • 573-286-6925 or 703-470-5298  or  703-362-5172 • email • 100% grassfed heritage beef cattle w/ A2 Genetics
        • MISSOURI • Nile Valley Farm • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Hendrickson Family • Sedalia MO • 618-367-4190 • email
        • MISSOURI • Ridge View Shorthorn • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Paul & Marian Wheeler • Appleton City MO • 660-476-5555 or 660-492-5749 • Raising Dual Purpose homestead family cows, bulls & calves for sale.
        • MONTANA • CR Cattle • Native Heritage Shorthorns • Caleb Reichhardt • Butte MT • 406-491-6597 • email
        • MONTANA • Diamond K Shorthorns • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Wally Klose • Twin Bridges MT • 406-684-5414 or 406-684-5338 or 406-596-1034 • email • Beef cattle, Heritage/Native Semen
        • MONTANA • McClelland Shorthorns • Native Heritage Shorthorns • Tom McClelland • Manhattan MT • 406-282-7392 • email
        • MONTANA • Y Lazy Y Shorthorns • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Ralph & Nancy Jane Larson • Corvallis MT • 406-961-5478 or 406-360-3793 • email
        • NEBRASKA • Pure Grass Beef • Kathryn Engel • 607-227-0380 • email • Kathryn has researched the old heritage bloodlines of cattle and their history and relationship to each other, along with grass fed genetics. She raises a few midsized heritage Shorthorn and a few small frame heritage Riggit Galloway.
        • NEBRASKA • Haumont Shorthorns • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Kevin Cooksley • Weissert NE • 308-872-2617 or 308-870-0986 • email • Milking Shorthorns, Beef, Heritage, Grassfed cattle; All are 100% pure Shorthorn and free from the genetic defects which plague some Shorthorn bloodlines.
        • NEVADA • Albaugh Ranch • registered purebred Native Heritage Shorthorn cattle • Norris & Suzie Albaugh • Fallon NV • Albaugh Ranch runs about 150 purebred Shorthorns. The Albaugh Family started ranching in 1946 with purebred native Shorthorn cattle purchased from the Midwest Shorthorn Congress sale. Their herd is dual registered with both the American Shorthorn Association and the American Milking Shorthorn Society where the cattle are in the Native Program (the predecessors must trace back to the original two herd books with no outside breed influence--no Angus, Hereford, Maine Anjou etc crossbred into this line). The Albaugh Ranch purebred Shorthorns ALL trace back to the 1820's. The Albaugh Ranch is committed to supplying all natural, grass finished, hormone and antibiotic-free beef. Cattle and semen for sale.fullblood Shorthorn bull, J Bar J Ranch
        • NEVADA • Holley Family Farm, Robert Holley, Dayton, NV, 775-246-1032
        • NEVADA • J Bar J Ranch • Native Heritage Shorthorns • Jack & Joyce Barnes • Fallon NV • 775-867-3655 or 866-464-5761 • email • Heritage Beef & Milking Shorthorns, A2 genetics, semen for sale
        • NEVADA • Silver Lake Ranch • miniature Jersey • Charshafian family • Silver Springs NV
        • NEVADA • Witte Shorthorns • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Herman & Pegi Witte • Fallon NV • 775-423-1571 or 775-217-0301 • email • Heritage Beef Shorthorns
        • NORTH DAKOTA • CSB Native Shorthorn • Chris & Sarena Blotter • Turtle Lake ND • 701-460-7790 • email • We have been using bulls sired by some of the older shorthorn genetics from the 60's and 70's to help preserve the old style shorthorn. Our cattle are a selected Heritage Shorthorn from animals whose ancesters trace back 100% to the 1800's or the Clay Importation as know by many. These shorthorns are quite rare in the world and do have a different DNA pattern than modern shorthorns.
        • NORTH DAKOTA • CSB Shorthorns • Chris & Sarena Blotter • Turtle Lake, ND • 701-460-7910 • email • small frame heritage cattle. Find us on facebook.
        • NORTH DAKOTA • SL Shorthorn • Native fullblood heritage Shorthorn • Sam & Josephine • Braddock ND • 701-840-4017
        • OHIO • JLC Company • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Joe Cavanaugh • Richmond OH • 740-317-8034 • email
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Glenn Holly Farm • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Michael & Sharon Allison • Midland PA • 724-544-2343 or 724-312-5653 • email 
        • TENNESSEE • Eagles Nest Shorthorns • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Bobby Halcomb • Portland TN • 615-325-6428 or 615-202-0945 • email • Beef, Heritage, Grazing, Cow/calf, Milking Shorthorns
        • TEXAS • Hartsdale Shorthorns • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Dale Hart • Friona TX • 806-250-3871 • Raising dual purpose polled family cows, grass fed genetics
        • UTAH • Cantagree Milking Shorthorns • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Gene Hiibner & Darren Wold • Mendon UT • 435-752-9237 or 435-230-5612 • email • Dairy, Beef, Heritage, Cow/calf, Milking Shorthorns, semen for sale, A2 Genetics.
        • VIRGINIA • Benchmark Shorthorns • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • David Bender & David Chupp • Pearisburg VA 540-922-5755e • email
        • VIRGINIA • Swallowfield Farm • Native Shorthorn Cattle • Jonathan Musgrove & Martha Tubman • Rockbridge Baths VA • email
        • WASHINGTON • La Quilla Shorthorns • Native (Heritage) Beef Shorthorn • Duane & Jo Lehman • Rice WA • 509-738-6595 • email
        • WASHINGTON • One Straw Ranch Inc • Native (Heritage) Shorthorn • Martin & Charlotte Frederickson • Chimacum WA • 360-531-0404 or 360-302-0793 email
        • WASHINGTON • O'Silvan Farm • Native Heritage Shorthorns • Tamara Beltz • Rice WA • email
        • WASHINGTON • Whispering Hills Farm • Joe & Sue Schallberger DVMs • Dallas, OR • 503-704-2408 • email • heritage polled Shorthorns; offering Beef and Milking Heritage Shorthorns, grass fed genetics, A2 genetics, semen for sale, tested for Johne’s disease, & BLV. All Whisper cattle are raised in a totally grass fed environment with no hormones or supplements of any type except minerals. Drs Joe & Sue Schallberger were instrumental in forming the Heritage Shorthorn Society. They are members of the Livestock Conservancy. They own Shorthorn Select Semen. Joe provides many educational articles in his Shorthorn Bulletin newsletter, and provides consultation.
        • WISCONSIN • Heritage Shorthorns • Native Shorthorn • Mike Cottrell • DePere WI • 920-833-7139
        • CANADA: MANITOBA • Double G Bar Shorthorns • Heritage Shorthorns • Jonathan and Earl Gibson • McAuley MB • 306-435-9791 • email
        • CANADA: MANITOBA • Hatfield Shorthorns • Heritage Beef Shorthorns • Monty Thomson • Gladstone MB • 204-870-0089 • email
        • CANADA: MANITOBA • Ross Heritage Beef Shorthorns • Grayson Ross • Brandon MB • 204-851-2293 • email
        • CANADA: MANITOBA • Harper Lincoln Red Cattle • Brian Harper • Brandon MB • 204-724-0936
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Donnelly Heritage Beef Shorthorns • Gerald Donnelly • Caledon East ON • 905-584-2470 • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Emadale Farm • Milking Shorthorn • Doug Wherry • Oshawa ON • 905-728-0979 • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Lynmark Milking Shorthorns • Irene Vietinghoff • Norwood ON • 705-639-1414 • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Maple Stone Farm • Heritage Beef Shorthorn • Robert & Carolyn Ridler • East Garafraxa ON • 519-928-5220 • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Rock Hill Farm • Heritage Beef Shorthorns, White Parks • Kurt & Wendy McCauley • Ontario • email
        • CANADA: ONTARIO • Stonehedge Farms • Lincoln Red • John Ashby • Prescott ON • 613-925-5778 • email
        • CANADA: SASKETCHEWAN • Cozart Shorthorns • Heritage Beef Shorthorn • Wayne Cozart • Brownlee SK • 306-759-2065
        • CANADA: SASKETCHEWAN • Matsalla Milking Shorthorns • Sheldon Matsalla • 306-335-7667
        • CANADA: SASKETCHEWAN • Notukeu Creek Milking Shorthorns • Wendell Bailey • Gravelbourg SK • 306-648-2556 • email

        • Heritage Shorthorn Society (HSS) • breeder directory
        • North American Lincoln Red Association (NALRA) • member directory

        • UNITED KINGDOM • Wharf Farm • Stonmour Shorthorns • Stephen & Lin Viccars • UK • email • semen from Stonmour Thunder Cloud is available internationally

        • Rare Breeds Survival Trust Dairy Shorthorn (Original Population)
        • Rare Breeds Survival Trust Northern Dairy Shorthorn
        • The Shorthorn Cattle Society
        • Coates's Herd Book The Shorthorn Society of United Kingdom & Ireland
        • Lincoln Red Cattle Society, Agriculture House, Park St., Lincoln, England.

        • Sussex Herd Book Society, 17 Devonshire St., London, W.1, England.

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old heritage Spanish Longhornsold heirloom American Spanish breeds of cattle
bar-heritage-cattle.com • SPANISH CRIOLLO CATTLE are American landrace breeds of Spanish cattle developed over centuries in the New World ~ and include the Corriente, (Florida) Cracker, Pineywoods (Woods or cattle) and Texas Longhorn cattle. Cracker and Pineywoods evolved in the deep South where they’re also known as “woods,” “swamp,” “Raikstraw,” “brush,” “scrub” and Florida native cattle. They are small cattle, most in the 600 -1000 lb range. Both produce occasional “guinea” cattle (probably the result of an autosomal recessive dwarf gene), which are smaller, shorter, wider versions with shorter heads and shorter legs. Cracker and Pineywoods come in a huge array of colors & patterns, including solid, spotted, brindle, blotching, speckled, linebacks and roans. Texas Longhorns come in the same range of colors, and also in a range of frame score sizes, including miniatures. Corrientes sport the same variety of colors and patterns, and have mostly migrated up from Mexico. {image credit: 1941 vintage postcard taken from original oil painting “Pioneers of the West” by the noted cowboy artist and poet, L.H. “Dude Larsen,” Kanab Utah.}

        • ALABAMA • Swafford Acres • Roy & Apryl Swafford • Pineywoods cattle • somewhere? AL/TN? • email • The Swaffords own 1 guinea cow.
        • ALABAMA • Redemption Farm • Pineywoods • George Smith • Trinity AL • 256-822-4663 • Florida Cracker and Pineywoods cattle are hardy landraces, having adapted over 500 years to the southeastern American States.
        • CALIFORNIA • Lazy T-bone Cattle • miniature Texas Longhorns • J. A. Thomas • Merced CA • 209-761-7740 • email • We have the West Coast's largest herd of registered miniature Texas Longhorns.
        • FLORIDA • Bogle Farms • miniature Texas Longhorn • Rick Bogle • Sorrento FL • 407-468-9002 • email • We keep about a dozen top-quality Miniature Texas Longhorn cows out of some of the finest bloodlines in the country, registered with the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association as Miniatures or Miniature Breeding stock.
        • FLORIDA • IdleWild Ranch • heritage Florida Crackers, mini Herefords & “Crackerfords” • Colin and Kelly Furness • Zolfo Springs FL • 954-701-3301 • email
        • FLORIDA • Little Crackers Rodeo • guinea (small) Florida Crackers and mini bucking stock • Jeff Terrell • Perry FL • 850-672-0101 • email
        • FLORIDA • Red Circle Ranch • miniature Texas Longhorns • Mark Christenson • Myakka City FL • 941-374-1856 • email
        • GEORGIA • Grove Creek Farm • Pineywoods • James & Daniella Adams • Crawford GA • 706-614-4293 • email • “Pineywoods vs. Florida Cracker? Simply stated, the difference lies in geography. Pineywoods Cattle refer to cattle who largely evolved in the vast Piney Woods region of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Florida Cracker cattle evolved across Florida, surviving subtropical conditions. They share much genetic similarity and are sometimes cross registered as both Pineywoods and Crackers.”
        • GEORGIA • Hudson River Landing Farm • purebred Pineywoods • Bill & Bonnie Fritz • Carnesville GA • 706-335-9423 • email • Our cattle are registered with the Pineywoods Cattle Registry and Breeders Association (PCRBA). We try to maintain the broad original gene pool and especially seek to maintain the "guinea" or dwarf variety under 42 inches height. Currently, we have a number of these animals in the Broadus family strain. These animals tend to have stocky bodies and produce almost as much meat as a regular animal. Some ranchers prefer these animals as they can be maintained with less fencing.
        • GEORGIA • Longwood Creek Farm • Pineywoods (some guinea) • Kenneth & Paige Jobe • Roberta GA • 478-957-9225 • email • find us on Facebook
        • IOWA • 4B Miniature Cattle Company • miniature Longhorn • Jeremy Bennett • Panora IA • find us on Facebook
        • IOWA • Big Creek Farms • guinea Pineywoods • Chad & Katie Hensley • Lamoni IA • 712-355-1384 • email • find us on Facebook | a chemical-free produce & cut flower farm since 2012. Grass fed beef sales added to their operation in 2016. Big Creek Farms purchased one of only two herds in existence of "Knapp line" Pineywoods cattle from Bill & Jane Peterson of Valley View Farms in Atlanta MO when they retired.
        • IOWA • Cruz Mini Longhorns • Oakland IA • Raising quality TLBAA registered Miniature Texas Longhorns; find us on Facebook.
        • IOWA • Double C Buckers • mini Longhorns and mini bucking stock • Caleb Cox • Paton IA• email
        • IOWA • Echo Bluff Ranch • mini Longhorns and Mini Bucking stock • Steve Thornton • Buffalo IA • 563-579-2981 • email
        • IOWA • Jerry O’Rouke • mini Longhorns • Tipton IA • email
        • IOWA • Corleys Miniature Acres • Pineywoods • Trout LA • 318-992-8101 • email
        • MISSISSIPPI • Heavenly Acres Ranch, LLC • Registered Pineywoods Cattle • Chip Harris • Sumrall MS • 601-307-8756 • email
        • MISSISSIPPI • Cowpen Creek Farm • Pineywoods Cattle • Jess Brown • Poplarville MS • 601-795-4672 • email
        • MISSOURI • Valley View Farms • Miniature Longhorn, Piney Wood Cattle • Bill & Jane Peterson • Atlanta MO • 660-239-4242 • email • We (did; now retired) raise Mini Longhorn cattle, and registered (Knapp strain) Knapp Piney wood Cattle. Piney Woods are a Heritage Breed, and our little herd is one of only two known herds of the Knapp line left in existence. Bill is a wealth of knowledge.
Sold out to Big Creek Farms in Iowa.
        • OKLAHOMA • Legacy Longhorns • Jason & Lori Marshall • Blanchard OK • 316-208-6932 • email
        • OKLAHOMA • Rockin K mini bucking bulls • Pineywoods Cattle • Danny and Braydan Kilcrease • Jennings OK • 580-465-7679 • email
        • TEXAS • IM Ranch • TLBAA registered Miniature Texas Longhorns • Scott Gordon • Krum TX • 214-564-5131 • email
        • TEXAS • Lazy R Miniature Longhorns • TLBAA registered Miniature Longhorns • Rebecca Gilbert • Somerset TX • 210-367-2359 • email
        • TEXAS • Silver Star Ranch • TLBAA registered Miniature Longhorn • Dave and Althea Sullivan • Celina TX • 972-978-6677 • email
        • TEXAS • V3C Vertically Challenged Cattle Co • registered miniature & small framed Texas Longhorns • Eric & Anna Redeker • Blum TX • 361-675-0469 • email
        • TEXAS • Yard Art Ranch • Miniature Texas Longhorns • John Miller • Bowie TX • 817.614.0742 • email
        • CANADA: ALBERTA • Kozak Longhorns • Texas Longhorns • Ray Kozak • Vilna AB • 780-636-2338
        • CANADA: SASKATCHEWAN • Stormy Acre Ranch • Texas Longhorn and minis • Mickey & Shelley Ireland • Delisle SK • 306-380-9479 • email

        • Florida Cracker Cattle Association; find link to the latest breeder directory
        • North American Corriente Association (NACA) Corriente Cattle Registry breeders & members directory
        • Pineywoods Cattle Registry and Breeders Association (PCBRA) member & breeder directory
        • Pineywoods Cattle Foundation (PCF) member & breeder directory
        • Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA) member list (registers all frame scores, including miniature)
        • Cattlemen’s Texas Longhorn Conservancy (CTLR) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation founded in 2005. Their mission is to engage in scientific and historical research, education and other charitable purposes associated with Texas Longhorn cattle, and maintains a herd book for conservation breeders of Heritage Texas Longhorns that are historically correct and genetically pure twisty-horned cattle, verified by DNA testing. Their selection criteria are their purity, type and quality, not their T2T horn spread. Semen Collection: The Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy has assembled a collection of foundation semen. Straws are available to CTLR member breeders for purchase at $10 per straw. Our mission is to re-introduce these old genetics back into our gene-pool. Quantities are available for use, not intended to stockpile individuals' personal collections. From bulls we own five or fewer straws, we will only allow use on females that possess 90% or greater conservation genetics. We ask all members to collect male offspring to contribute to this dynamic collection to assure posterity of original Texas Longhorn genetics. CTLC
Breeder List.

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RARE CATTLE Breeder Directories... These directories are set aside for RARE cattle that are NOT HERITAGE cattle. These directories are for hard-to-find cattle with rare or unusual lines, with unique genetics or relevant history in North America, that are not specifically promoted or recognized elsewhere.

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bar-heritage-cattle.com • AMERICAN LINEBACK dairy cattle; This population may include some animals of historic breeding, but the American Lineback dairy cattle breed contains Holstein and/or Milking Shorthorn upgrading, and falls short of the genetic definition of a pure heritage breed. {image credit: Susie 23D, Holderness American Lineback cow owned by Mr. Truman A. Cole, Solsville, N.Y., late 1880s.}

        • PENNSYLVANIA • Ayrback Farm • Joe Stowe (ALCR president) • Oxford PA • 240-304-5735 • email
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Gelsinger Farm • Kaitlin Gelsinger • Robesonia PA • 610-488-1266 • email
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Harrison Farm • Luke Harrison • Saegertown PA • 814-490-7517 • email
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Koller Farm • Nedra Koller (ALCR Treasurer) • Shoemakersville PA • 610-926-1523 • email
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Kopfer Farm • Jill Vail Kopfer • Blandon, PA • 610-587-9877 • email
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Plenty-Good Dairy • Schwenk & Bashore family • Annville PA •
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Pretty Stitches Linebacks • Bollinger Family • Elizabethtown PA • 717-342-4882 • email
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Snook Farm • Andrew Snook (ALRC vice president) • Middleburg PA • 570-765-4787 • email
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Sweet Dream Dairy • Evan Nickerson • Albion PA • 716-237-0334 • email
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Zeiset, Jonas • Lewisburg PA •
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Amie Heagy Lebanon PA •
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Hostetter Farm • Grace Hostetter Jonestown PA •
        • PENNSYLVANIA • MacKenzie Miller • Fredericksburg PA •
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Royell & Terry Smith • Fredericksburg PA •
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Kirk Shaub • Leola PA •
        • NEW YORK • Kuszmar Farm • Batavia NY •
        • NEW YORK • Richmond Farms Dairy LLC • North Collings NY
        • VERMONT • Martha Hayward • Castleton VT

        "Lineback Dairy Cattle" by Robert Gear, Small Farmers Journal, Winter 1986.
        American Lineback Dairy Cattle Registry
        "American Lineback Dairy Cattle", the history of the American Lineback Cattle Registry, Hoards Dairyman, Feb 9, 2016.
        "Homestead Cattle Association: recognizes and registers Historic Lineback cattle with bloodlines not heavily upgraded with commercial dairy breeds, and Linebacks with grass fed genetics and stouter, dual purpose type.

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mini Beefalo
bar-heritage-cattle.com • BEEFALO, miniature {image credit: Darla the mini Beefalo “Buffy's” first calf, a heifer; Billy Carpenter}

        • TEXAS • Carpe Diem FARMily Ranch • miniature Beefalo • Billy & Sherrie Carpenter • Springtown TX • 406-600-8681 • email • "Raising cattle for the love of cattle" Home of Buffy, miniature Beefalo cow and her Beefalo daughter.
        • MISSOURI • C&S Farms • miniature Beefalo • Clyde Anglim • Oxly MO • 660-619-3193 • email • Dexters, Highlands, Beefalo, Longhorns, Lowlines, Watusi and several micro crosses.
        • MISSOURI • Zebu Cattle Co • Dani Nickell • 417-468-2409 • Marshfield MO • email • Dani has an unusual Buffalo X miniature Zebu.

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Eric Epperson's mini club calf bull
bar-heritage-cattle.com • CLUB CALVES (miniature or other unusual club type composites); this directory was formed to showcase unique Club Calf herds.

        • OKLAHOMA • Whose Ur Daddy Farm • Eric Epperson, Nowata, OK. Find us on Facebook. Eric raises an unusual type of pint-sized club cattle, but without any undesirable genetic dwarf anomolies, other than just having smaller frame scores. According to what we can figure out, this dwarf bloodline traces back to one bull and his clone, Who Man Who and Who Man Who 2. So far, it exhibits the genetic action of an autosomal recessive gene. Read more about this line of mini club calves here.

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Dave Wilcoxen w/ miniature heirloom Durham Shorthorn, Alston Oregon
bar-heritage-cattle.com • DURHAM; the miniature heirloom Durham Shorthorns are an old line of little dual purpose cattle that were bred from old Shorthorns probably starting sometime in the 1900's (if not earlier). Some are very high heritage influence little beef Shorthorns, and some are more dual purpose. Most have some outside genetics mixed in, but all have been bred as little Durhams for many years. We consider this an heirloom composite, with its long history in America. {image credit: David Wilcoxen and one of his Miniature Durham cows, Rainier, Oregon}

        • DELAWARE • Black Sun Farm • Ted Dill • Felton DE
        • IOWA • JB Cattle Co • Jason Boller • Kalona IA • 319.239.9963 • email • Raising small acreage Shorthorn beef cattle, and some show cattle.
        • OREGON • Hill Valley Farm • Dave Wilcoxen • Alston OR • Dave is a pioneer breeder of heirloom miniature Durham Shorthorn cattle. Dave found and bought a whole herd of little Durham type Shorthorns decades ago, and has raised them until he retired and sold out in 2019, but his little Durham cattle will continue to be preserved. Article, the chiefnews.com, History, minicattle.com.
        • OREGON • Holistic Life Farm • Miniature Durham cattle • Dr Paul Jensen • Clatskanie OR • 801-367-1332 • email • Paul has held on to much of Dave Wilcoxen's herd for posterity.
        • TEXAS • Rottman Ranch • Marc Rottman • keeps track of the mini heritage influenced Durham Shorthorns brought in from Pat Byrd • Canton TX • email
        • WASHINGTON • Lazy B Lightning Ranch • Miniature & Heritage Shorthorn • Patricia Byrd • Okanogan WA • 509-422-6388 • email. Pat has always raised miniatures and midsize Shorthorns; some are "heirloom," mini Durhams, and some are small frame purebred and fullblood heritage Shorthorns. Like Dave Wilcoxen, she is a pioneer breeder of these cattle. She has always selected for as pure Shorthorn she could find in small frame scores. She has bred these cattle for decades. Most of their pedigrees go back to the original Coates Herdbook of Ireland, the first herd book record established, in 1822.
        • WASHINGTON • Green Mountain Farm • Russ & Nikki Groen • Woodland WA • email • miniature Heirloom Durham Shorthorn and small frame Heritage Shorthorns. Find us on Facebook @GroenBergboerderij.

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Annabelle, a reproduction composite miniature Holstein
bar-heritage-cattle.com • HOLSTEIN; Miniature Holsteins are a reconstructed composite breed created from blends of various small & miniature dairy & beef breeds, and selected for black and white or red and white spotted dairy and dual purpose homestead milk cows. They may or may not have Holstein genetics in them. Cows that qualify as miniature Holsteins may be registered with the Homestead Cattle Registry, where their actual breed composite is reflected on their registration certificates.{image credit: Lisa Buchta Thorne and her miniature “Holstein,”, Annabelle; who is a milk cow that raises a big beefy calf every year. Anabelle carries Dexter BD1 and miniature Hereford genetics.}

        • INDIANA • Lisa Buchta Thorne • Petersburg IN • email
        • UTAH •
Mini Cattle Pros • miniature Holstein • Anthony Cabral • Delta UT • email
        • WASHINGTON • Garden Gate Lavender Farm • miniature Holstein • Vivian • Spokane WA • 509-244-0767

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old style dual purpose Normande
bar-heritage-cattle.com • NORMANDE Fullbloods are rare in North America. Native to Normandy, France, the Normande is claimed to be descended from the cattle imported by Viking settlers in the 9th and 10th centuries. It is a hardy breed that has been selected for the efficient production of high quality milk for butter, cream and cheese. Not only is it high in protein, fat and calcium, but its milk components include small fat micelle, BB kappa casein, A2A2 beta casein. The Normande has great carcass and growth traits, and it is one of the most marbled breeds in the world. Cull cows as old as eight years can produce prime cuts that rival those of steers. The Normande is well known for its unsurpassed marbled beef, flavor and tenderness, and regularly wins blind tests for its taste. {photo credit: Sociedad de Criadores de Ganado Normando del Uruguay}

        • MAINE • Alpen Rose Creamery • Normande cattle • Arundel ME • 207-590-7624 • Heritage dual purpose type. Closed herd, disease free small frame cattle. Steers occasionally available for oxen and beef. Quality dairy inspired by the Alps. Find us on FB @Almrosen.
        • NEBRASKA • OuttaBox Ranch • Normande • H.E. Ahrens • Hay Springs NE • 786-562-1558 • email • small framed, dual purpose fullblood & crossbred Normande cattle, developing a miniature Normande composite, Belfairs & crosses; grassfed & grass finished beef & home grown commodities in northwestern Nebraska.
        • PENNSYLVANIA • Spotted and Speckled Farm • Mike & CJ Cannon • Middlebury Center PA • 570-376-3431• email • Find us on FB @spottedandspeckled.
        • WISCONSIN • Howling Oaks Normandes • Rhonda Treml-Knebel • Arpin WI • 715-305-2843 • email • fullblood and percentage dual purpose Normandes.

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Pinzgauer calf born on B-Bar Stock Farm
bar-heritage-cattle.com • PINZGAUER • Fullblood Austrian Pinzgauers are relatively rare in North America; (no breeders listed yet) {image credit: new Pinzgauer calf born on B-Bar Stock Farm, New York, bbarfarm@aol.com}.

        • North American Pinzgauer Breeders

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mini Murray or Square Meater
bar-heritage-cattle.com SQUARE MEATERS or Mini Murrays, are smaller framed Murray Grey cattle. This beef breed was developed in Australia during the early 1900s. By 1950, Australian butchers were willing to pay top dollar for Murray Greys. They are highly sought after for their outstanding meat quality and ability to efficiently finish out well on grass. On good pasture, they make good weight gains and produce well-marbled, tender beef without grain. Murray Greys came to America in the late 1960s. Although they are a premium breed for grass fed cattle, there are still relatively few herds here in the United States. The Murray Greys’ gentle temperament makes them very easy and enjoyable to work with. It is hard to find anyone that raises the smaller, Mini Murrays or Square Meaters. {image credit: Nada, a mini murray cow, cowwhisperer.com.au}.

        • COLORADO • Square Meaters Cattle USA • Carolyn L Watson • 778 Salt Creek Rd, Ignacio CO • (?)
        • IDAHO • Double RM Ranch • Murray Grey Cattle • Reuben McLean • American Falls ID • 208-680-3620 • email • classic cattle registered with the National Murray Grey Registry (NMGR); very gentle, low birth weights, and exceptional gains. Colors vary from silver to dark brown & dun colors.
        • INDIANA • Glenbrook Farm • David & Sandra Moeller • 765-679-5071 • Glenwood IN • email • Dave Moeller, Indiana, was the leader of a group of American Square Meater breeders.
        • INDIANA • Meiring Square Meaters • Debra Meiring • 765-437-0018 • Zionsville IN • find us on Facebook
        • KANSAS • Rhiannon Foust • Wakarusa IN • Her cattle are Murray X Aberdeen. Find us on Facebook
        • MONTANA • Stillwater Ranch Cattle Co • registered Murray Grey cattle • Belgrade MT • 406-600 -3378 • Murray Greys are known for superior grass finishing and a docile temperament. Easy to work with. They work well for large or small operations. Murray Greys have an excellent feed ratio and add milk to your herd. Our adjusted 205 average weights range from 550-710. Raised without antibiotics. All colors available, ranging from dun to black. Can be registered with the American Murray Grey Association or National Murray Grey Association. Find us on Facebook.

        • American Murray Grey Association (AMGA) (Louisville, KY) Square Meater endorsement & registration
        • Murray Grey International Association (MGIA) (Burns, KS / CLRC) Members & Breeders
        • National Murray Grey Registry (NMGR) (Wamego, KS--may have gone defunct)

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miniature Beefmaster or Meatmaster
bar-heritage-cattle.com • ZEBU breeds or “eared” cattle, are various Bos indicus breeds. This is a directory of unusual Bos indicus cattle in America, including various miniature Zebu composites, bred for small homesteads and efficiency on grass in hot, southern or tropical climates. Herds listed here include small composites derived from crossing miniature Zebu with Brahman, Guzerat, Gyr, Indu Brasil, Nelore, Sardo Negro, or Sindhi (all Zebu or Bos indicus breeds of) cattle. Some are crossed with bos Taurus breeds to reproduce smaller versions of American composite breeds that thrive in the southwest, such as miniature Beefmasters, miniature Braford, miniature Brahman, miniature Brangus (Bramalow), Western Heritage cattle, miniature Watusi, etc. {image credit: the efficient “Meatmaster” beef cow with her big weaner calf, Marc Rottman, Texas}.

        • TEXAS • Bottelberghe Farms • Texas Mini Milker • Josh & Jamie Bottelberghe • Stephenville TX • 817-487-6077 • email • We have developed a Jersey X Zebu that are the perfect heat tolerant mini milker. We call them “Texas Mini Milkers.”
        • TEXAS • Rottman Ranch • new composites: mini beefmaster (“Meatmaster”) & miniature Braford (“Zeford”) • Marc Rottman • Canton TX • email

        • American Miniature Zebu Association (AMZA) Florida. Member Directory and Animal Search. Has a hardship divison.
        • International Miniature Zebu Assocation (IMZA) Virginia. Member Directory. Founded in 1991, IMZA is the oldest registry.
        • National Zebu Cattle Club (NZCC) promotes and sponsors shows for both IMZA and AMZA registered cattle.
        • Wastani Cattle Breeders Association Missouri. The “Wastani” is a miniature to small framed Brahman-type proprietary composite developed by a couple of breeders who wish to remain anonymous. The Wastani was developed from Miniature Zebu, Gyr, Brahman and a couple other (non-disclosed) Zebu breeds. The Wastana Cattle Breeders Association will only register animals sold by the registry founders, referred to as foundation Wastani animals. The Wastani Registry has an upgrade division, but has no plans to offer a hardship division.
        • The Homestead Cattle Association. Registering all breeds of homestead and miniature cattle. Herdbooks are in place for any breeder that owns or breeds minature Brahman or other miniature long eared or Zebu cattle. They receive their true breed composite identified on their registration certificates.

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